[ATP026] Dancebot Inferno

by Razor Edge

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Alternative Download: antropofagiarecords.yolasite.com

Razor Edge makes many e-music genres - between it Terror, Gabber, Doomcore, Industrial and IDM. And now he is here to show a bit of your work with the Dancebot Inferno help. Enjoy the music!


01. Razor Edge - Barrecore
02. Razor Edge - Breakit
03. Razor Edge - Computers Captiv3 Trap
04. Razor Edge - Antagonistic Idolatry
05. Razor Edge - Cankerworm Randoomizer
06. Razor Edge - Feeding Through Electronics
07. Razor Edge - Early Editor
08. Razor Edge - Drift


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released October 27, 2017

Artist Notes:

"I don't judge people unless they commit a horrendous crime. Now that I'll be turning 40 in couple years,.. I can tell you that from my observations regarding believe systems, people change their minds all the time. We grow, we become wiser, and we make mistakes in life regretting things. What we don't know is,... a lot of other things which we're not suppose to know. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. All you need is a good historian with a good memory."

"I doubt people would really care to read it. You got tons of
people reaching out trying to express themselves through
comments and feedback on social media sites and they
are dying to get their message noticed. And let's not
forget the poetry either. Me? I'm not an attention seeker.
I stick to the music beats. And in this journey I get a
chance to make new friends from all over the world."

"Dancerbot is dancefloor ready for his spot
Inferno is his name and dancing is his game. What?
Wont need a battery, can go on all night
Built in human motion detector in sight.
The more space you give the bigger combo moves
as it absorbs grooves, the big news, entertainment
that we can use. The dancing spirit resonates
in an everlasting flow that we wont forget tomorrow
Because Dancerbot Inferno, oh it danced & danced.
to every genre you can think of, and even enhanced."

- Adam




Antropofagia Records PE, Brazil

Hard/Core/Dark Label

You can use all the tracks from label to anything you want, but please, NOT COMMERCIAL PROPUSE and NO PLAGIO. If you use for soundtrack, games, movies or other fucking shit, please gave the credits to artists and, if you can, show it to label and the artist.

Contact us by email: antropofagiarecords@gmail.com

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