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ATP present you the ATPodcast, with nice set mixes by our artists and crew. If you want to be one of our DJs team, read the basic rules and lets go!

1 - Set mixes need to be between 30-60 min
2 - Formats sents need to be wav, aiff, flac or mp3 320kbps
3 - When send your set, send too the tracklist, mix name, mix genre and extra infos (if you want - but tracklist is highely necessary)
4 - All mixes can be singlelly downloadeds here or on our site too (but on site, only in mp3 320kbps)
5 - All mixes goes to our YouTube channel (if any copyright blocks it)
6 - Send the mixes to
7 - We make all the mix covers, but if you want to send some, you're free for this
8 - Mix genres need to be ATP genres (Like Hard House, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore, Dark Ambient, Noise, Dnb, etc.) and dont need to be ONLY ONE per set... You can mix the genres too (if you can do it)
9 - The set mixes need to be exclusive ATP. Please dont re-release it on another label

*All the mixes can be downloaded too in mp3 320kbps in our site at the bottom page*


released August 6, 2017




Antropofagia Records PE, Brazil

Hard/Core/Dark Label

You can use all the tracks from label to anything you want, but please, NOT COMMERCIAL PROPUSE and NO PLAGIO. If you use for soundtrack, games, movies or other fucking shit, please gave the credits to artists and, if you can, show it to label and the artist.

Contact us by email:

*If the downloads is no more free, check our site for download*
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Track Name: DZKYIN - Who's Afraid Of +300? (ATPodcast001)

Diabarha - Vampires
odaxelagnia - Kuru
Lord Of Speed & M.A.X. The Disintergrator 329 - Legion Of Speedcore Anthem
Junkie Kut - The 36th Hour Of Power
Fatal Frame - Melancholic Sea (DZKYIN Remix)
Diabarha - Antarctica
The Quick Brown Fox - POP
Doctor DRRR - Starships
Aparelhagem Malk Espanca - Porra Moleque
DZKYIN - Die 10 Gebote Speedcore
Furryz Fornicate - Splittercore Meltdown
XenoKeneesis - Noxious Feelings Of Tomorrow
Diabarha - Dolan PLZ (Donald Duck Psychopath Remix)
Junkie Kut - Hologram
The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black
C.R.O.W. - Bem Te Vi Voou Voou Paranaue Parana!!!
TMCDE - Gangnamtone
Track Name: Furryz Fornicate - Play The J-Core (ATPodcast002)

Nepuripi - Chronosphere
Re-Te vs LeNa vs Nanafushi - Happy Soapy Therapy
Azure Moon - Take Alive
Kobaryo - Mechanical Asylum
RedOgre - Ground Submission
Moro - Crazy Kids
misogiswen - Deatharea
BRZion - My Madness
pianoid - Super Peace Earth
Track Name: Dantalion - A Wolf On The Pick-Ups (ATPodcast003)

The Understones - Galaxy Circuit ~ It Doesn't Matter
Darrell Farnsworth - The Sorcerers Dream
Dantalion - Daylight
Gentek - Slender Man (Drum & Bass Mix)
Dantalion - Escape
Jackal Queenston vs. Emoticon - You're Already Dead
The Queenstons - What You Do
Furries In A Blender - Love Me
Jackal Queenston - Drunk Dragon
Dantalion - Sk8r
Furries In A Blender - I'm Alive 2012
Dantalion - Stars
Furries In A Blender - I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly (Wikked Remix)
Jackal Queenston - Cackling Fiend
Track Name: Mental Instability - Total Blackout (ATPodcast004)

Mental Instability - Heavens Gate
Mental Instability - Cosmological Inferno 2018
Mental Instability - The Inner Struggle
Mental Instability - Drastic Measures
Mental Instability - Euphorical Madness
Mental Instability - Melody Of Intensity
Mental Instability - Darkness Prevails
Mental Instability - Ultimate War Of Titans (2018)
Mental Instability - Sacred Legacy
Mental Instability - Demonical Personality
Mental Instability - Era Of Brutality V.I.P
Mental Instability - Beyond Comprehension
Mental Instability - Destruction Wave
Mental Instability - Will Weathon
Mental Instability - Extermination Of Lifeforms 2018
Mental Instability - BPM Warfare
Mental Instability - Vengeance Of The Messiah
Mental Instability - The Diabolicial Dimension
Track Name: Uman - All Stars (ATPodcast005)

Aeswa - Anthropophagic Paroxysm
XenoKeneesis - Cunt And Control
DZKYIN - Initiation
Low Entropy - Sunset
Uman - Evil Riffs
VastemiK - Cobra-ine
DemonicSystem - Honestly Demoncore
DEATH DRUM - The Ballad Of Anatoly Slivko
Gameplayer - Infernal Soldier
Mental Instability - The Walls Of Jericho

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